About SMOC

Originally named the Original Costume Museum Society – SMOC was founded in 1992 to collect historic fashion, traditional costume, and textiles to create a museum of historic fashion and fabric arts.

We’re home to thousands of artifacts that date from circa 1800 to today. From glamour and glitz to everyday grit, we recreate the story of how people have adorned themselves in all walks of life for centuries.

We have more from the 19th Century but the strength of the collection is Ready to Wear post World War II. 

We usually do three programs in the spring and three programs in the fall. The fashion show almost always will have a historical context. The show might feature contemporary design or somebody local who is doing something remarkable in clothing and creating new history.

The SMOC Society and its members:

  • provide reference materials
  • provide resources for the media and other museums
  • present educational programs about the history of fashion to the general public, and at trade schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and museums

From the SMOC Collection

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