SMOC Event Gallery

Photos taken at our Fashion Shows and Events 

Victims of Fashion - April 30th 2017

Green ball gowns tinted with arsenic. Top hats made of mercury. Flammable crinolines. These are just some of the lethal fashions...
Photos by Roz McNulty

Ain't She Sweet - February 12th, 2017 

Thanks to Lynn Katey and Roz McNulty for the photos


Dare to Wear Red  - February 2016

Special Thanks to Natasha Gris for her photos of 'Dare to Wear Red.' The lecture and fashion show by Ivan Sayers at Hycroft Manor on February 21st 2016

Ivan Sayers lecture on the 'Decades of Fashion' this January 17th 2016

A brief visit to Ivan Sayers personal collection