Society for the Museum of Original Costume
Deed of Gift

Evening Dress, oyster silk with white pailletté, 1960 Donated by Mrs. Marg Pattison, from her mother Marg McKee Estate

Would you like to find a good home for your treasured garments from past generations, where it will be taken care of following museum standards for clothing and textiles.

Contact us, send images and description to the SMOC Curatorial Team will be in contact with you and, if appropriate, arrange an appointment to assess the items.

Donors will receive a signed Deed of Gift document and a tax receipt, if desired. A value will be determined for each item by our curator. 

Thank you for considering donating to SMOC
You can also mail us photographs to the address below

1489 McRae Avenue,
Vancouver BC V6H 1V1

Donations with Tax Receipts

Donations of garments can be given a tax receipt based on our curators estimate of value. For further details please email